Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Goals or Accomplishment I'd like to reach or attain in this year.!

  • People have their own Goals in Life and they want to reach it.And also I've been part of them.
  • As, a student the first goals I want two attain in this year 2010 is to become a part of the graduating student that can "march" in this coming March 2010. Because this kind of event is the most special for me in the sense that this year is the moment of triumph after the years of hard work but I know this part of achievement is to be considered a milestone and I want to continue the journey to pursue my dreams and I always remember the values and principles that were I imparted in high school. Whatever happen I will become a stronger persons and overcome the challenges in life by my strength of character, perseverance and faith in the almighty God.
  • Second I want also to find a summer job after of the graduation, not for my family but for my self. I will use the money for my allowance going to Davao where I continue the journey of  my life in college.

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