Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Who Am I?

Who Am I?

I'm Jossel Anne Tomas. Seventeen years of age. I lived in Townsite Lupon Davao Oriental. I was born on January 23 , 1993. For those who don't know me I just want to share something about myself. I'm a simple and shy person Opinions of others about things interest me, but quite often. I end up keeping my own opinions to myself. But I can say that I'm a lucky girl because of the good people around me, they show their care and love to me. Especially my parents, grandparents, friends and my tita's and tito's.
Speaking in parents I'm lucky to have them it is because they have a good heart, not like those some parents hurting their children.They show to me how I'm important to them and also they show that they are still at my side what problem I encounter although they are separated.
I feel most happy when the times the family of my mother and father side will be okay. I feel angry when the time that my own things well be destroyed by the careless persons. My greatest fear in life is the word of DEATH it is because I'm not prepare for it. My greatest worry now that I'm a teenager are being totally perfect lady, be responsible andindependent. And my biggest dream in life is to finish my studies and have a good job to help my parents/family for their needs especially in fiancial and to have my own house and business.
The things that I love to do during the time that I feel bored are the following: watching tv, listening music, sleeping, texting and reading pocketbooks.
The good qualities that I can consider about my self are being , kind,honest,to be strong to all trials encounter , and trustworthy. And the bad qualities are being irresponsible, too much silent , negative thinker and being so dependent.
As a teenager I discovered the difference attitude of someone especially their bad qualities which I hate most. But I discovered also that I have to accept the things I like as well as the things I don't like about my self.
Now, I pray to God I will really learn to use the very powerful tool for my success in life and thanks God for the wonderful gift about my self.

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jana said...

oh girl u should not fear of death...

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