Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Melted Crayon Art

Materials: two pieces of paper, a bread knife, old crayons, iron.

1. Peel Off the paper covering the crayons. Hold the crayon over a piece of paper. Using the bread knife, lightly scratch the crayons so that bits of it fall onto the paper. Do this on several crayons of different colors.
2. Cover the paper with the second piece of paper.
3. As your sister or brother or someone older to help you in using the iron but if you can , you can do it with yourself. Slide the warm iron over the first piece of paper so that the crayon bits in between the pieces of paper melt.
4. Take off the first piece of paper. Voila! Both papers now have lovely crayon patterns on them..

* This is an example of MELTED CRAYON ART.

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