Monday, January 18, 2010

This Is Real This Is Me

A simple and silent girl came from a broken family it is hard to be part of them because I'm only the child who suffering. But I'm so lucky it is because my parents are still at my side although they are separated and have their own family they never forget me as their child and also I have grandparents who support me in financially.
There's some people thinks that I'm good and cannot do any mistakes but as a human frankly says "I made a lot of mistakes" and " I have encounter many problems".There's a time that I want to give up when i feel discouraged for those people who are so judgmental, they judge me in base of my appearance and those people who are started talking at my back. But I told my self that "insecurities never brings me down" and I don't care what they say about me it is because they only proves that they are obsess to make story about me.


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